Connor MacIVOR

About - Connor and Paris MacIvor


Connor MacIvor - LAPD Cop turned realtor back in 1998.

LAPD served 1990-2007 - Full time, worked 3 Bureau's for the City, South, Central and Valley. Certified instructor: Firearms, Radar - Laser - IDAP - DRE - HITS - SITS - Glock - .45 transition - Motor Firearm Transition.  Assignments: Patrol, Motors Squad and Training Cadre.

LAPD full line reserve 2007-2013 - Assigned FTU - Firearms Training Unit - granted "Honorary Retirement" by the City of Los Angeles for my service rendered. 

1998 - 2007 Realtor, Part time.

2007 - Present - Full Time Realtor!





Paris MacIvor - Savvy Negotiator. 

Bakers Square, Olive Garden - Waitress

Property Manager - Burbank CA 

B.S. Bio Psychology

LASD Academy - 1999

Realtor 1999 - Present - Full Time!







I suppose one of the hardest things I have ever done is write about myself or Paris.

I think I'm a pretty good guy :) and know one thing for sure. Paris and I were screwed big time when we

 bought our first home back in 1996.  Our agent took full advantage of us being young and being too trusting. 

I went to real estate school, while I was a full time cop, because I was still pretty "bent" two years laterafter we bought our first home.

I needed to figure out how I was taken advantage of and if there were any ramifications for the agent doing so...

After attending Real Estate School, I found the answers to my questions and was able to get the situation resolved.

One of the local real estate companies called me, asked me if I'd be interested in working representing buyers and sellers of real estate, I thought to myself, "Why Not..."

In 1998, I joined with them and Paris joined me the following year.

Paris, from the beginning, was the full time part of our business and I was still a full time police officer for the City of Los Angeles CA.

I hate high pressure games in sales. I don't like those who'd rip off their own mother to make a dime. I see our team's mission, as does Paris, as if we have been destined to "Protect and Serve" our real estate clients.